This database contains PDF copies of each Michigan county`s collective agreement for teachers, bus drivers, aides, office workers and other employees. Union contracts include not only salaries and benefits, but also information about class sizes, employee evaluations, school calendars, etc. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy strives to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to support us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to To implement stricter health screening protocols, we now expect a parent to complete the online health screening so that their child(s) are present every day. WBSD Credentials and Online Registration Form Home › Residents and Visitors › Schools › Woodhaven/Brownstown School District © 2019 Woodhaven, Michigan21869 West Rd. Woodhaven, MI 48183(734) 675-3000 Bates Elementary School22811 Gudith RoadWoodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734) 692-2217Carte Erving Elementary School24175 Hall RoadWoodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734) 692-2212Map Gudith Elementary School22700 Sibley Road Brownstown, MI 48192 Phone: (734) 783-5386 Wegienka Map Elementary School239 25 Arsenal RoadBrownstown, MI 48134Phone: (734) 783-3367Map Yake Elementary School 16400 Carter Road Woodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734) 692-2230MapWoodhaven/Brownst len Brownstown Middle School 20135 Inkster RoadBrownstown, MI 48174Phone: (734) 783-3400Senator: (734) 783-3401 Free COVID-19 Test Card Held Monday through Saturday at Civic Center Park, 23101 Hall Road, Woodhaven. The steps to get a copy of your official school breakfast transcript are a clear choice – some good reasons to have breakfast at school. Woodhaven/Brownstown School DistrictVisit the official website of the Woodhaven School DistrictCentral Office Administration24821 Hall RoadWoodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734) 783-3300Map WBSD students can not only graduate from high school, but also earn an associate degree one year after graduating from high school.

Patrick Henry Middle School24825 Hall RoadWoodhaven, MI 48183Phone: (734)362-6100Atentanz/Beratung: (734) 362-6106MapWoodhaven/Brownstown High SchoolWoodhaven High School24787 Van Horn RoadBrownstown, MI 48134Phone: (734) 783-33333Waiting Attendance: (734) 783-3340Counseling Office: (734) 783-3355Map Next School Year Start and End Times for Each School Calendar and District Learn more about our new BlackBoard Ally accessibility feature, which allows users to view documents in many cases can download different accessible formats. .

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