With respect to claims and complaints about an employee who is downgraded in a disciplinary case, the initial notice of the application for reinstatement with compensation for loss of time is sufficient. The Washington Employment Protection Agreement of 1936, which covers rail consolidations not covered by the Interstate Commerce Act, is also used to protect employees who are negatively affected as a result of such consolidations. Many breaches of contract result from supervision or total disregard of the provisions of the collective agreement by a local freight forwarder. Others occur because of the carrier`s greed and/or aversion to a particular provision of the contract, especially if it is arbitrary. In such situations, the carrier will try to delay the process for as long as possible for various reasons. If the carrier has a possible argument in favour of its position, the longer it delays the dispute, the more likely members are to become discouraged and tired of submitting requests for time for infringements. In the meantime, whenever a member does not commit a right to time, there is money in the carrier`s pocket if it is found that the carrier ends up contravening the agreement. The carrier may also cause discontent among members with the union, which has 2 2 2 22 222 to settle the dispute. One may sometimes wonder how to count the days to know whether or not the deadlines have been met by the parties. For example, what about day number one if a site employee starts his service on July 1 at 1:00 P.M. and the violation of the agreement on July 2 at 1:00 A.M.

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