If the carpets have been cleaned to a certain standard at the beginning of the rental, the tenant must ensure that the carpets are cleaned to the same standard at the end of the lease. A tenant only has to leave the premises in a reasonably clean and suitable condition. Tenants do not need to leave carpets in a professional cleaning state. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly and thoroughly purified professionally at least once a year. At the end of a lease, if the carpet is very dirty, the landlord can charge the tenants for cleaning, otherwise the landlord is responsible for cleaning the carpet for new tenants. Your lease starts when you move to a new location. Anything you forget when you move in could come back to bite you. If you think there are clauses in your rental agreement that are not applicable, you should discuss them with the other person. You can also contact the rental service for advice. It does not seem to be a bone of contention.

But it is surprising to see how often there can be arguments on the carpets in a building for rent. Tenants must terminate more than 21 days in writing to terminate a regular (ongoing) agreement. You cannot write clauses in leases that are contrary to the law. The rental court may consider these clauses to be unenforceable – meaning that they have no effect and that, in some cases, these clauses may constitute an illegal act. Your lease starts when you move to a new location. Anything you forget when you move in can come back to bite you. Your landlord must provide you with a condition report (PCR) and a residential rental agreement within 7 days of moving in. Your responsibility as a tenant is to put the property in the state it was in at the time of your move.` The PCR will be your proof. You should carefully check everything on the PCR to make sure that anything marked as clean and functional is fine. Also carefully check for damage or dirt that is not on the PCR.

Anything that is not in the PCR, you are responsible. It`s easy to miss things, so don`t be afraid to become pedantic. Take complete and detailed photos. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to settle disputes. „I don`t think it`s reasonable to think that the carpet will be the same at the end of the lease. There will always be wear and tear for two and a half years. A rental mat should last about 10 years in case of normal wear and tear. If a carpet wears out and has not been damaged by the tenant, the landlord is usually responsible for the replacement. This only applies of course if the property is rented furnished or partially furnished with the carpets included in the rental contract.

By law, the tenant only has to terminate in writing for a minimum of 21 days to terminate this type of contract. You don`t need to turn your lease into war and peace, but it`s important to include clear and comprehensive clauses that define the commitments of both parties. Open communication with your tenants throughout the lease allows them to be aware of your expectations and their responsibilities. As we have seen, landlords can charge tenants for carpet damage. However, it is essential that the tenant is responsible for damage to the carpets of their rental property. No carpet lasts forever, replacing carpets every ten years or something like that should be included in the estimated operational costs of rental real estate activity. At the end of the lease, a registration report is drawn up and compared to the initial stock. Thus, the owner can prove that damage has been caused. The inventory also protects the tenant from unfounded claims from the landlord. Tenants should only sign the original inventory document if they agree that it contains an accurate image of the property at that time…

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