The second type of common easement is a private service agreement between two private parties. This easement is quite standardizing because it gives a party the right to use a piece of property for personal needs. For example, a farmer needs access to a pond or additional farmland, and a private service agreement between him and his neighbor gives him access to these needs. When pipes or a similar utility need to be driven through nearby land for a person`s well system, the private easement agreement is executed. Since an easement is unique to the agreement between the two parties, easement agreements are structured in such a way as to clarify the specific use of the immovable property and that the end of the easement is granted to the owner of the land. Such agreements are sometimes transferred during a real estate sale, so it is important for potential buyers to know if there are easements on the property to be valued. There are three common types of easement agreements. The type of service granted depends on the objectives of each party. A typical easement agreement used to describe a high-level agreement between the owner of a property and another party, either a person or an organization, describes a form of payment from the applicant to the owner for the right to use the object of the easement for specific purposes.

The first is servitude. This type of service is an agreement between a landowner and a distribution company that allows the distribution company to operate power lines, water pipes or other types of distribution companies through real estate. Service contracts are often included in the deed of a property or are held by a city or municipality. A contract of servitude or servitude is a real estate concept that defines a scenario in which one party uses the property of another party, with a royalty being paid to the owner of the property in return for the right to easement. Services are often purchased by utility companies to build telephone towers or lay pipes either above or under private sector ownership. However, while royalties are paid to the owner of the property, easements can have a negative impact on the value of the property, for example because unsightly power lines can reduce the visual appeal of a piece of land. If you want someone else to use your property without giving up your property, you need to sign a real estate service contract. Or maybe the only way to build an alley for your dream. Finally, there is a third common servitude agreement, called servitude. This type of servitude is more liberal, as it does not require a written agreement and can be imposed by local legislation.

An easement is necessarily created when a party is required to use another person`s property. For example, if a person has to use a neighbor`s entrance to access their home, this is inevitably considered an easement. Use the Real Estate Service Agreement document if:. A real estate service contract is a simple way to allow someone temporary or long-term access to your country without transferring ownership. Sometimes limited access is the right choice, but you should make sure all the boundaries are clear. You may have no problem with a neighbor cutting off your country, but what will happen when they start transporting trucks to a new chicken farm? With a real estate service contract, you can set usage limits, for example.B. only allow pedestrians and cars. A real estate service agreement can be the bridge between the owner and others interested in using the property.

Other names in this document: Servitude agreement. .

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